The Jerich Show Episode 62 - Russian Treason, DDoS attacks, Visa Vulns on an iPhone and More

In this episode, Javvad really messes up the intro, but finally finds his grove as they discuss the stroy about the Group-IB CEO being charged with Treason by Russia, The DDoS attack on Bandwidth, A very specific vulnerability with iPhones and Visa cards and how YouTube is going to remove all vaccine misinformation from the platform.

All of this and more! 

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Stories from the show:

Top Russian Cybersecurity CEO Charged with Treason:

Bandwidth Hit with DDoS Attack, Dealing with Service Disruptions:

Security experts urge iPhone users to remove Visa as a transport card via Apple Pay:

YouTube to remove all anti-vaccine misinformation:


Show Contents:
00:00 - 02:04 Javvad ruins the Intro
02:04 - 06:56 Treason or just business?
06:56 - 12:52 DDoS and the Bandwidth attack
12:52 - 22:49 Transporting with Visa
22:49 - 22:17 YouTube removing anti-vaxx misinformation
22:17 - 27:30 Outro

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