The Jerich Show Episode 59 - No Cops or the Data gets Dumped, Cybercrime as a Tax Deduction and More

In this episode, Javvad messes up by starting the recording early, then hem and Erich discuss a new threat from a ransomware gang about dumping data if the victim calls the cops, the REvil servers mysteriously being resurrected from the dead, claiming a ransomware payment as a tax deduction and a whole bunch of VPN passwords being stolen.

All of this and more, in this episode of The Jerich Show (complete with a reworked logo)

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Stories From the Show:

Ransomware gang threatens to leak data if victim contacts FBI, police:

Hit by a ransomware attack? Your payment may be deductible:

REvil ransomware's servers mysteriously come back online:

Hackers Leak VPN Account Passwords From 87,000 Fortinet FortiGate Devices:

Show Contents:
00:00 - 01:42  Javvad Messes Up the Intro
01:42 - 07:17 Ragnar Locker Threats if the Victim Calls the Cops or Negotiators
07:17 - 09:02 Is Your Ransom Payment a Tax Deduction?
09:02 - 15:32 REvil Servers Raise Their Ugly Heads Again
15:32 - 20:42 VPN Accounts Leaked From Fortigate Devices
20:42 - 20:50 Outro

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