The Jerich Show Episode 51 - John McAfee Dead, Cryptobros Vanish with $2.2B and FB Takes On Privacy

In this episode Javvad and Erich discuss the death of John McAfee, a story where 2 brothers in South Africa disappear under mysterious circumstances (and along with $2.2 billion in BTC) and, Facebook calls out Apple by funding an attempt at an academic-ish paper, as they strive to protect you from the evils of monopolistic behavior (or maybe just to protect their own profits). All this and more in this episode!

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Javvad's Interview with John McAfee:

Stories from the show:

John McAfee found dead in Spanish prison after his extradition to the US was approved:

South African Brothers Disappear, Along With $2.2 Billion Worth Of Bitcoin:

Facebook vs. Apple: Here's what you need to know about their privacy feud:

The paper that was published:
Harming Competition and Consumers under the Guise of Protecting Privacy: An Analysis of Appleā€™s iOS 14 Policy Updates:

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