The Jerich Show Episode 48 -Jim Zuffoletti Joins to Talk Ransomware, Ransomware and Entrepreneurship

In this episode, Jim Zuffoletti, CEO & Co-Founder of SafeGuard Cyber, joins the show as we discuss several ransomware attacks from the week, talk about how security has evolved to bring about some signficant challenges securing human and cloud architectures and the data involved, and much, much more. 

Jim's info:
SafeGuard Cyber:
SafeGuard Cyber's Twitter: @SafeGuard_Cyber

Stories from the show:

REvil, A Notorious Ransomware Gang, Was Behind JBS Cyberattack, The FBI Says

FUJIFILM shuts down network after suspected ransomware attack

NYC’s Subway Operator and Martha’s Vineyard Ferry Latest to Report Cyberattacks

Biden will confront Vladimir Putin about ransomware as cyberattacks increase in US

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