The Jerich Show Episode 47 - Breach laws, Russian Marketplaces and Attacks on Japan

In this episode, Erich is recovering from a minor spinal surgery an hour before recording and Javvad makes him discuss topics ranging from the FBI notice about Conti attacking hospitals and first responders, the governement attempting to get control of data breaches, a huge illegal Russian dark web market and recent Japan hacks

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Links from the show:

The most important link in the list -  恋のセキュリティホール〜HACK SONG〜:

FBI Flaaaaaash:

Senators roll out bipartisan data privacy bill:

Illegal Drug Trade Fuels $1.37B in Crypto Transactions at Russian Dark Site:

Japanese government agencies suffer data breaches after Fujitsu hack:

Japan predicts hacker attack on Tokyo Summer Olympics by Russian hackers:

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