The Jerich Show Episode 28 - That Time Mark Shawa (Afri-CAN) Joined Us

In this show, Javvad and Erich welcome the incredibly entertaining guest, Mark Shawa. Mark discusses ways to improve security culture, why it's so important, and gives sugeestions for reading materials and people to follow in the industry. 

Erich and Javvad also discuss how stress is impacting employees, the spike in phishing as we get close to Black Friday and a really interesting and scary new attack using browser notifications.

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Links from the show:

Mark Shawa -

Stressed Employees:

Browser Notification Attacks:

Phishing and Black Friday:

Books Mark Recommended:
Animal Farm - George Orwell:

Start With Why - Simon Sinek:

The Art of Deception - Kevin Mitnick:

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck - Mark Manson:

Transformational Security Awareness - Perry Carpenter :

Mark's Notable Thought Leaders :
Theo Baloyi - CEO of Bathu Shoes:

Sylvester Chauke - Founder of DNA Brand Architects:

David and Madeline McQueen - Founder of Madeline McQueen & Founder of David McQueen: and

Anna Collard - KnowBe4 SVP - Founder of Popcorn Training:

Lisa Ventura - Founder UK Cyber Security Association:


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