The Jerich Show Episode 25 - Direct Threats Against Voters and Fun with Zero-Days

In this episode Erich and Javvad discuss the threatening emails sent to some US voters that are registered Democrats, apparently from none other than Iran. Do they help a certain party or are they just designed to create division? 

In addition, there is a new 0-day vulnerability for Chrome that is being exploited in the wild. Javvad and Erich discuss the issues related to patching and when 0-days are important, and when they aren't.

All this, plus Javvad gets confused while trying to accomplish the simple task of announcing the podcast version of The Jerich Show and the new Twitter account. This is what happens when he mutes Erich.


Emailed Threats to Voters:

The Chrome 0-Day:

The new Jerich Show Podcast:
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The Jerich Show Twitter handle:

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